1975: born; 1993: Abitur and High School Semester in Wayne, Michigan USA; 1994: employed in the zoological garden; 1995: began holding exhibitions; 2003: Became a member of the Federation of Artists, studied Linguistics, Literary Science and Art History in Dresden; 2004: Magister Artium (MA); Since 2005 self-employed as an artist with a focus on photography; 2007-09 Lecturer at the Department of Applied Linguistics, Technische Universität Dresden; 2008-11 Member of the Executive Board of the Dresden Artists' Association. Member of the artistic council of the New Saxon Art Society and the Forum for Contemporary Photography.


Selected Solo Exhibitions

Übergangsräume – Räume der Kunst, Galerie im Königlichen Kurhaus Bad Elster
Aus der Mappe des verschollenen Bauhäuslers, Galerie am Damm, Dresden (Katalog)
Übergangsräume, Kulturrathaus Dresden und Galerie Budissin, Bautzener Kunstverein (Katalog)
Übergangsräume, Kunst- und Kulturverein Alte Feuerwache Loschwitz
Winterreise, Galerie Braubachfive, Frankfurt am Main (mit Amandus Sattler und Cyril Schirmbeck)
Stadträume, Villa Eschebach, Dresdner Volksbank Raiffeisenbank (mit Beate Bilkenroth)
Chicago – Dream is over, Galerie Grafikladen Dresden und Volkswerfthäuser Insel Hiddensee
In Dresdner Depots, Galerie am Damm, Dresden
Postplatz Archiv, Galerie Kalaschnikow, Dresden
Museum ohne Bilder, Kunst- und Kulturverein Alte Feuerwache Loschwitz
Torsi, Runde Ecke, Gauckbehörde Leipzig
Verlassene Gärten, Präsenz Galerie Gnadenthal
Elblandschaft, Kunstkonsum Dresden


Selected Group Exhibitions

Bestandsaufnahme, Kunstraum Dresden; Haltungen – Positionen Sächsischer Fotografie der Gegenwart, Bürgerfoyer im Sächsischen Landtag; Künstlermesse Dresden
Ostrale weht Oder, Browar Mieszczanski Wroclaw, PL (Katalog); Elbe, Galerie des Meissener Kunstvereins;
Sichtweisen, Staatsministerium für Wissenschaft und Kunst, Dresden
Haltungen, Galeria Dolna, Kielce, PL und Zentrum für Fotografie Romanisches Haus Wroclaw, PL;
Galerie Raskolnikow, Dresden; Heimat, Galerie des Neuen Sächsischen Kunstvereins; Stadtgalerie Radebeul;
Dunkel und Licht, Galerie 2. Stock des Dresdner Rathauses; Künstlermesse Dresden
Annäherungen Eisenhüttenstadt, Leonhardi-Museum Dresden (Katalog);
Grenzgänge, Kulturhaus der BASF Schwarzheide (Katalog); Galerie Mitte Dresden; Künstlermesse Dresden
Aus einer anderen Welt, Galerie Grafikladen Dresden; Vier Positionen, Galerie Bildfläche Eichstätt
Vier Positionen, Albrechtsburg Meissen und Galerie Haus 23, Cottbus (Katalog)
Schöne Aussicht, Festspielhaus Hellerau; Kreuz – Anstoß oder Ausrichtung, Japanisches Palais Dresden


Works in Public Collections

  • Grafiksammlung der Sächsischen Landes- und Universitätsbibliothek
  • Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden, Kunstfonds
  • Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden, Kupferstichkabinett
  • Museen der Stadt Dresden, Technische Sammlungen
  • Stadtmuseum und Stadtarchiv Dresden
  • Kulturstiftung des Freistaates Sachsen
  • Stiftung Deutsches Uhrenmuseum Glashütte


Selected Publications

Aus der Mappe des verschollenen Bauhäuslers, Ausstellungskatalog, DKK-Verlag
Übergangsräume, Ausstellungskatalog, DKK-Verlag
Eine Uhr am Körper zu tragen, Ausstellungskatalog, Deutsches Uhrenmuseum Glashütte
Chicago – Dream is over. In: Ostragehege, Zeitschrift für Literatur, Kunst
Postplatz Archiv – Die Brache im Gedächtnis. In: Ostragehege, Zeitschrift für Literatur, Kunst


About Luc Saalfield

„His creative approach: to look at details, seemingly unintentionally but with the possibility for the viewer’s own associations. These are not reports. It is only through the sequence within the presented series that connections are opened up and deepened. Pictures as understatements, seemingly unrelated and yet a mosaic.“

(Dr. Hans-Ulrich Lehmann, Oberkustos i.R., Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden, 2015)

„The photographic skills of Luc Saalfeld are radical. One can only show how one experiences reality, not how it is. Fiction is foreign to him, as is dramatization; however, projections are not. His pictures are biographical notations, the expression of a reflection on the world, space and light, which manifests itself as work with an independent worldview and which gradually takes shape through the experience of the medium of photography.

(Heinz Weißflog, Dresdner Neueste Nachrichten, 2015)

„He makes the invisible visible to us. Furthermore, the individual images from the image pool— even within the cycles—are repeatedly reassembled. This enables conceptual works with varying story lines, and certainly also a manipulative interaction with the viewing habits and perceptions of the audience.“

„In their graphic clarity, the photographs are often cool and factual, sometimes strict. They are almost always empty and deserted, seemingly isolated from the busy world; unreal, sometimes almost surreal and only cautiously narrative. On occasion they are accompanied by a touch of melancholy or sadness. Like memento mori, they seem strangely timeless in their romanticism of the ephemeral.“

(Silke Wagler, Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden, 2009)

„Just a short time after their creation, photographs unfold their own lives in the eye of the beholder. Thinking is comparative, and to remember is to reflect and compare; photographs refresh the memory of our earlier existence. What we bring with us, we must imbed in the pictures, in order to decipher them. And what we take with us from the images is the shaping and the direction that our thinking has received. The complex process of image reception thus always oscillates between past, present and future.“

(Luc Saalfeld, Ostragehege, Zeitschrift für Literatur, Kunst Nr. 42, 2006)


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